Automated Support for Student Writing

LightSide Labs is an educational technology company dedicated to improving student writing skills. Our tools provide automated feedback on student writing, redefining the role of automated assessment in the K-12 and higher education classroom. We support middle and high school ELA teachers with the LightSide Revision Assistant, where we’re redefining the experience of getting help on student writing and the tools for teachers to better understand the progress and process of their students. LightBox is our corporate product, enabling others to offer automated writing assessment in their platform, in the context that their students are already embedded in, with automated assessment hosted in the cloud and customized to each partner’s unique context. With your help, LightSide is building the next generation of tools to support literacy in education.

Our Products

Writing support for students and teachers in the English Language Arts classroom in grades 6-12. Limited pilots are ongoing in Pennsylvania and New York, with broader access anticipated in 2015.

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Transparent access to the state-of-the-art in automated essay scoring, customized to your content, hosted in the cloud, and embedded in your applications

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